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Big Losses With High Budget Film

Big Losses With High Budget Film

Every year, disasters and blockbusters are common in film industry. But typically we see more utter flops than super hits. This year, Bollywood began with a box office disaster.

The movie "Fighter," which was anticipated to be a super hit and break records, is instead heading towards significant losses.

Starring Hrithik Roshan, "Fighter" was released as a Republic Day special. However, the film received negative reviews from the outset.

The momentum it gained from Republic Day waned quickly, resulting in fluctuating performance thereafter.

After completing its 16-day run yesterday, the film has amassed Rs. 189 crore nett in total.

Despite being sold at high rates in India, where it was made with a budget of 275 crore rupees, the film has fallen short, collecting only 189 crores nett thus far.

Moreover, the occupancy rate of "Fighter" has come down across the country, recording a mere 13.97 percent yesterday.

It's now evident that the movie will struggle to sustain its presence in theaters beyond today. This situation forecasts significant losses for the buyers and exhibitors who invested in the film.

On Friday, the film only managed to collect 81 lakh rupees nationwide. Although its worldwide gross has surpassed 300 crore rupees, it's apparent that the film is destined to suffer substantial losses.


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