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Big Blow To Bigg Boss #4 Ratings

Big Blow To Bigg Boss #4 Ratings

Bigg Boss #4 has taken off amidst good hype. The entertainment industry that has been in low due to the pandemic season, has got some pep with this reality show. There have been some good reports about its initial TRP ratings as well. 

Though the contestants are not so popular, the Hobosn's choice for the audience to watch the show has brought good traction on a whole.

The channel has also announced that the show got the huge TRP of 18.5 in the first week with the patronage of 4.5 Cr audience. 

Nagarjuna has also announced that 2 in every 3 people among the Telugu states have watched the show. Adding to that he has also shared that this is the highest ever patronage for Bigg Boss show. 

But the ongoing IPL has blown heavily on the face of Bigg Boss. The TRPs have come down drastically.

Bigg Boss show 2nd weekend rating stood at 10.7 and the congregated rating for the entire week is 8.05.

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