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'Bhola Shankar'- A Testing Ground For Everyone

'Bhola Shankar'- A Testing Ground For Everyone

After the year 2013, exactly ten years later, director Meher Ramesh is coming up with his new film.

Unfortunately, due to the negative results of the movies "Shakti" and "Shadow," Meher Ramesh was left without any film offers. However, after all these years, he has finally found a movie to direct, and it happens to be a remake. 

The film boasts a hero like Megastar and has the backing of a huge production company, leaving nothing lacking except to prove Meher Ramesh's directorial stamina. His future in Tollywood depends on the success of this film; otherwise, it will be challenging for him to find new opportunities.

Producer Anil Sunkara faced losses with his recent blockbuster project "Agent," which failed miserably at the box office, leaving buyers disappointed. With this new movie, he hopes for a hit to avoid further risks and disappointments for the buyers. Failure could lead to difficulties for Anil Sunkara in producing and marketing big movies in the future.

Tamannaah's career is at a critical point, as she has two major films releasing on the same day- "Jailer" and "Bhola Shankar." The song "Kavalaiya..Nuvu Kavali.." from "Jailer" has become a big hit, but the fate of the other film, "Bhola Shankar," will determine whether she can continue her career with senior heroes.

Sushant, despite coming from Akkineni's background, has struggled in the industry with minimal hits and several flops. "Ravanasura" was his recent film, and now "Bhola Shankar" presents another opportunity for him. If he delivers a proper performance and scores a hit, he might gain attention from senior heroes, paving the way for better opportunities.

The movie's key player is Megastar, who experimented with Acharya but flopped. His subsequent film "Godfather" received a response as just an okay treat, while "Waltair Veerayya" became a hit, implying that he should focus on mass entertaining films. Now, he is taking on a role with two shades: an elder brother and a mass hero. If this portrayal resonates with the audience and becomes a success, it will determine the path Megastar will take in his future projects.

Hence, "Bhola Shankar" will serve as a testing ground for many involved in the film, from the director to the producer and the actors, as their success or failure will have significant implications for their future careers in the industry.


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