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Balakrishna Used Beep Word On Chiranjeevi And Co

Balakrishna Used Beep Word On Chiranjeevi And Co

This is known that the so called unity among the film industry people is only for boasting sake but not possible in reality. They live with egos and complexes regularly.

Freshly Balakrishna pointed out that he was not invited to the film industry meeting that happened with Talasani Srinivas Yadav and KCR separately. 

Big heroes Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna along with some producers and lesser known people like Meher Ramesh have met Talasani Srinivas Yadav to discuss on the permissions to start the shootings in view of Corona pandemic. 

Balakrishna quipped, "I came to know about it only after seeing the news in media. No one called me for the meeting. They might have discussed on distribution of Hyderabad lands among themselves. They are doing real estate business (followed by a beep word)". 

Earlier when asked about this, some members in Chiru and Co team said that only the heroes, producers and directors whose films are on sets have attended the meeting. 

Balayya fans are unhappy with all this and a few are openly asking, "What is the criteria or status of Meher Ramesh to attend the meeting and what film of Trivikram is on sets to be in meeting? If that is the matter, even Balayya's film with Boyapati is running. So Balayya deserves the invitation". 

Keeping this aside, a social media comment says, "Even the Manchu family was also totally ignored. Mohan Babu gave a hug and kiss to Chiranjeevi in MAA association meeting but still Chiranjeevi insulted him by not inviting the fire brand Mohan Babu". 

Even the film journalists are not sitting quiet in this tumult. Srinivas Challa, a film critic posted on FB, "...It is proven that Chiranjeevi has no leadership qualities. Is it not a futile attempt of Telugu film industry people to consider him as their leader?"

"It should be remembered that during Vajrotsavam in 2007, Chiranjeevi and Co made Mohan Babu and others angry and the controversy is known for all. Now again with similar superiority complex, the same team has cornered Balayya this time and made him use a beep word", is another comment of a netizen in social media.

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