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Balakishna Says Jr NTR Is A Plus and Minus For TDP

Balakishna Says Jr NTR Is A Plus and Minus For TDP

A popular News channel has interviewed Nandamuri Balakrishna today. The interviewer asked a question about Jr NTR to which Balakrishna responded with peculiar expressions and confused statements. 

The interviewer asked, "So many people are coming out in the state demanding Jr NTR to lead the Telugu Desam Party. What is your opinion on this?"

To this Balayya responded, "Everybody has an opinion. But I am not bothered if he comes or not". 

Then the interviewer asked, "Do you think he will be a plus to the party if he steps in..?"

To this Balakrishna gave a long pause with some peculiar expressions. Then he smiled and said, "What if he comes and becomes a plus first and a minus next? Plus and Minus is always bad. Minus and minus and plus and plus are plus". 

While the interviewer was trying to understand what he was saying, he continued, "Just by acting in films with the name Rama Rao..." and changed the topic. 

This concludes that Balakrishna is not at all willing to see Jr NTR in the TDP. He says he is of no use to the party and the present leadership is at its best. He also implied that Jr NTR need not feel like Sr NTR just by taking his name and acting in films. 

"Many may think that Balayya talked in confusion. But he is very intelligent. Had he uttered any word in favor of Jr NTR, he knows that his son in law Lokesh will be upset. If he is upset, his dad Chandrababu will be disappointed. On the whole, this affects the peace of Balayya's daughter. So as a responsible father, he answered in his way", said a TDP leader who is in support of Jr NTR's entry into TDP, on the condition of anonymity.

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