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Bahumukham Trailer: Riveting Thriller

Bahumukham Trailer: Riveting Thriller

Harshiv Karthik is making his debut as an actor and director with the forthcoming venture Bahumukham which was also written, designed, and produced by him.

The protagonist enters the town with a dream of becoming an actor and in the process, he gives auditions in various studios.

However, he is criticized and people laugh at him for his poor acting skills. Under these circumstances, he is advised that one needs to live in the role, for perfection.

Then he starts behaving like a real psycho killer and kills random people. Why did he go to the extent of becoming a psycho-killer for a character?

Harshiv Karthik succeeded in all the departments he handled. While his writing and taking are impressive, his acting abilities are also remarkable.

The character he played required a lot of maturity and Harshiv Karthik showed the multi-shades of the role spotlessly.

Swarnima Singh is the leading lady in the movie, where Maria Martynova will be seen in an important role.

Luke Fletcher’s cinematography and Sricharan Pakala’s score together sets a thrilling tone all through.

It’s evident through the trailer that Bahumukham is a riveting thriller. The movie is all set for its theatrical release soon.


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