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Ariyana Was The Best, Not Abhijeet! Says Avinash

Ariyana Was The Best, Not Abhijeet! Says Avinash

Mukku Avinash is having a gala time even after losing out on Jabardasth show, which made him popular.

He paid Rs 10 lakh as compensation to Jabardasth producers for breaking the contract and participating in Bigg Boss season 4. He made nearly five times that money for staying just over two months in the Bigg Boss house.

Avinash looked like a finalist in the initial stages of his stay, but his weakness of not taking criticism and overestimating his fame sent him out two weeks before the finale.

Even after coming out and seeing Abijeet’s popularity, Avinash thought that his friend Ariyana would win the title. He says that Ariyana was the best among the final five and her game was the best of all.

Although Abijeet got the majority votes, Avinash says that he was in the house and saw everything while the audience got to see only one hour’s footage a day.

However, he says that audience verdict is final and everyone has to respect it. He also said that one incident or one bad day can affect a player’s chances of winning the title.

In that case, Abijeet made fewer mistakes than everyone else and more importantly he never tried to create drama like Avinash or Ariyana did.

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