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Ariyana Is The Most Insensitive Contestant Of All: Monal Gajjar

Ariyana Is The Most Insensitive Contestant Of All: Monal Gajjar

Most of the contestants in season 4 of Bigg Boss didn’t expect Abhijeet to win the title. Even Monal Gajjar thought the same until she stepped out of the house.

Monal believed that either her bestie Akhil or Sohel will be the winner when she is in the house. Even the remaining four contestants in the house wouldn’t believe that Abhijeet is going to win it.

Monal in her interview with GreatAndhra said that she wishes it is either Akhil or Sohel to be the title winner.

“But looking at the scenario it is not them but another person who is going to win it,” she said without mentioning Abhijeet’s name. She refused to take Abhijeet’s name but still extended her support to Akhil.

Monal said that she got a big project after coming out of Bigg Boss and it would be made official very soon. She is planning to move to Hyderabad and settle here.

“I want to buy a palace-like house for my Mumma,” Monal said. She got emotional many times even during the interview.

When asked why are people voting for Ariana when the housemates think she is insensitive, Monal came up with an interesting answer.

“There are people who adore Ravana too. Ariyana isn’t bad, but she is insensitive and lacks empathy towards fellow humans. I can’t do that even if it is for the sake of a game,” Monal said.

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