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Ariyana Glory Remains Silent Regarding Raj Tarun

Ariyana Glory Remains Silent Regarding Raj Tarun

Bigg Boss fame and actress Ariyana Glory's name made headlines after Lavanya mentioned her name.

Raj Tarun's ex-girlfriend Lavanya leveled numerous allegations against him and described him as an addict who had affairs with various actresses.

Lavanya listed various names with whom Raj Tarun had flings, including Ariyana Glory.

She said that Raj Tarun had a fling with Ariyana just after working with her for one-day in a movie. She said they had a roaring affair for a few months.

However, Ariyana did not react to Lavanya's allegations. Throughout the episode, she maintains silence.

She is currently in Missouri, in the United States. She has been updating her travel videos but has not responded to Raj Tarun's issue.


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