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AP BJP Leaders Praying For Her Defeat?

AP BJP Leaders Praying For Her Defeat?

Andhra Pradesh BJP President Daggubati Purandeshwari faces more opposition from within her own party than from outside.

Her ambition to be the top leader in the party has created many enemies. There is a widespread belief about the third phase of the Modi government.

Purandeshwari hopes to secure a ministerial post in Modi's cabinet from the AP quota.

It is an open secret that she had Sujana Chaudhary run for the assembly to eliminate competition.

Her aim is to ensure no one in AP competes with her, and she has moved strategically to achieve this.

She contested as an MP candidate from Rajahmundry. However, it is noteworthy that her own party members are more eager for her defeat than her opponents.

Some BJP leaders are even praying to the gods for Purandeshwari's defeat. Her opponents within the party believe that good things happen to those who wish well for everyone.

BJP leaders accuse Purandeshwari of being a political opportunist who is ready to sacrifice anyone for her position.

Party members allege that she wouldn't hesitate to damage the BJP itself to further her ambitions. This is why many BJP leaders in Andhra Pradesh are hoping for her defeat. It remains to be seen whether their prayers will be answered.

The results, locked in the EVMs, will be announced on June 4th.


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