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Anti-drugs video: Siddharth puts foot in his mouth

Anti-drugs video: Siddharth puts foot in his mouth

South Indian film hero Siddharth is known for his overaction and controversial statements. He considers himself above criticism and has utter contempt for the Telugu film media.

During the media interactions, Siddharth doesn't want to give simple answers to the queries from the reporters.

Instead, he tries to shoot his mouth off and snub the reporters asking questions. He did the same at the press conference of the Bharatiyudu-2 team on Monday.

He interfered in every question posed at other artistes including Kamal Haasan and took potshots at the reporters, which was embarrassing to everyone.

When a reporter asked Siddharth whether he was obliging to the request of the Telangana government to do a video against drug abuse, he didn't give a straight reply.

Instead, he said he didn't have to do such videos just because the government asked him.

"I have been acting with social responsibility for several years. There is no need for reacting to somebody's request," he said.

In fact, the entire team of Bharatiyudu-2 had already done a video against drugs the day before.

Siddharth would have simply answered to the reporters that the team had already done the video, but he tried pose as if he didn't care for chief minister A Revanth Reddy's request.

Apparently, Siddharth's reaction angered the Telangana government.

On watching his statement, Revanth Reddy's brother Kondal Reddy spoke to Bharatiyudu-2 distributors in Nizam Suresh Babu and Sunil Narang and registered his protest.

He reportedly told them that the chief minister had asked for the video statements against drugs in the interest of the youth, and not in his personal interest. He questioned why Siddharth had shown his attitude on such a simple issue.

The film unit immediately contacted Siddharth and explained the situation. They asked him to give an immediate clarification. By that time, he was already on his way to Chennai.

Soon after landing there, Siddharth released a video stating that he was misunderstood for his comments.

He said he had all the respect to the chief minister and his intentions to fight against the drugs.

"I shall fully endorse the chief minister's call for a fight against the drugs," he added.


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