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'Animal' Talk: Sandeep Attains Rajamouli's Status?

'Animal' Talk: Sandeep Attains Rajamouli's Status?

The trailer of the film "Animal," directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, is released today and has received huge attention nationwide.

Here are some random public comments and the feedback circulating about the trailer on social media.

- "Animal's trailer is fantastic. It grips the emotions perfectly. The hero's character is so strong and 1000 times more intense than that of Kabir Singh, aka Arjun Reddy."

- "The concept looks like a mixture of Sarkar, Agneepath, and Godfather. The elements of emotional drama might have certainly been lifted from these films."

- "The big weapon shown at the end of the trailer is disappointing as it lacks originality in thought. It's derived from the styles of KGF, Mark Antony, and Bhagavant Kesari."

- "For Bollywood, rowdies, mafia, and terrorists are heroes. These days they are forcing toxic characters into romance and family scripts too, so as usual, violence, blood, and gore will be there. When the intention is right, action is also right."

- "Rashmika nailed her performance. The way she delivered the intense dialogue about the protagonist's father is amazing."

- "This proves to be an amazing take of the father-son duo. The trailer looks novel. Need to see what is in the film."

- "Everything is okay, but I am afraid of the length of the film. 3 hours 21 minutes will be too tedious. Hope there are at least two intervals."

- "Anil Kapoor looks docile. Only Ranbir is looking strong. There seems to be a one-way traffic of high-dose performance between dad and son."

- "It's noisy and gory. I don't think I would watch."

- "Sandeep goes to the next level with this film. If this scores, he stands out as a director who made three consecutive blockbusters since debut."

- "If this film works, Sandeep attains the status of Rajamouli, the director with no flops in the track record."

- "Expectations are soaring high with the trailer. I doubt it proves detrimental for the film."

- "Openings will be strong, but I have my doubts about the actual content. But the background score is captivating"

- "If Anil Kapoor is Amitabh in Sarkar, then Bobby Deol plays something similar to Key Key Menon, and Ranbir Kapoor plays the role of Abhishek Bachchan. Keeping the characterizations aside, the character resemblance looks the same. Or else, need to see if there is something different from what I predict."

- "The budget of the film is Rs 100 Cr, which is very less compared to the hype it generated. The first three days would smash the box office records, making a quick breakeven theatrically."

There are umpteen numbers of comments pouring for the film where the positive feedback dominates the negative. December 1st unveils the real fate of the film at the box office.


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