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'Animal' Mania: 3rd Place At Tollywood BO?

'Animal' Mania: 3rd Place At Tollywood BO?

The movie 'Animal' is performing equally well in the Telugu states compared to the Hindi belt, and its momentum has not diminished. 

According to Bollywood media sources, the film has grossed Rs 73 Cr nett, making it the highest-grossing non-South Indian film in Telugu states.

Looking at the year 2023, the films Waltair Veerayya and Adipurush have crossed the Rs 100 Cr mark in Telugu States, and 'Animal' is on its way to secure the third position.

The previous non-South Indian films surpassed by 'Animal' are 'Avatar: Way of Water' and 'Jawan,' which made Rs 70 Cr nett and Rs 68 Cr nett, respectively.

In the full run, the trade analysts expect, the 'Animal' may land up somewhere between Rs 90 Cr and Rs 100 Ct nett. 

According to this Bollywood media report, it is surprising to learn that the highly hyped films Bhagavant Kesari and Dasara reported with huge collections are not even in the records.

This suggests that the hype surrounding these films may be more artificial than reflective of their actual performance.


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