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Anil Sunkara: I May Repay Agent Losses in Future

Anil Sunkara: I May Repay Agent Losses in Future

Anil Sunkara, the producer, has been embroiled in a legal dispute with Satish, the Vizag distributor, regarding the losses incurred in "Agent," a spy thriller starring Akhil Akkineni and directed by Surender Reddy.

Anil Sunkara produced the film, while Satish, who purchased the Uttarandhra rights, faced significant financial losses and has been seeking reimbursement.

The case is currently pending in the courts.

"In the movie business, profits and losses are part of the game. Despite experiencing losses myself, I agreed to compensate Satish. However, I observed that Satish was attempting to shift blame onto me, prompting me to defend myself. Unfortunately, both of us will incur legal expenses in this process," he stated.

Nevertheless, Anil Sunkara expressed willingness to consider compensating Satish in the future if a mutually agreeable resolution is reached.


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