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Ambati's Counter To Pawan's 'Bro'

Ambati's Counter To Pawan's 'Bro'

Jana Sena leader Pawan Kalyan, who had pledged that he wouldn't allow the YCP to win in the last election, has tasted bitter defeat in two constituencies, much to the shame of everyone.

Despite losing in these two places, he still seems to take an odd pleasure in satirizing his political opponents in his films.

In "Bro," Pawan Kalyan has targeted Ambati Rambabu, a Minister from his own community, with his satirical jabs.

In response, Minister Ambati launched a counter-attack on Twitter, saying, "'Gelichinodi Dance Sankranti!.. Odinodi Dance Kalaratri!'"

It is widely known that Ambati Rambabu had danced during the last Sankranti festival, and the video had gone viral.

Surprisingly, in his movie, Prithvi donned the exact same dress that Ambati wore during the festival and even mimicked his dance steps.

While Pawan's supporters might find these actions entertaining, YCP activists are critical, arguing that Pawan seems more focused on ridiculing his opponents through films rather than engaging in meaningful politics.

In response to Pawan Kalyan's defeat in the two constituencies, Ambati appears to have taken a dig at him through his tweet, implying that his dance was the result of victory, and Pawan cannot dance as he was engulfed in darkness due to his defeat.


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