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Allu Arjun Stands Up As A Role Model

Allu Arjun Stands Up As A Role Model

Allu Arjun, the 'Pushpa' star, stood as  a role model in a particular aspect. He got an offer from a tobacco company to endorse the brand but he denied it without a second thought.

Though the brand tried to lure him with a Rs 10 Cr deal for a small commercial, he firmly said 'no' as he doesn't want to promote that is detrimental to the health of people around.

He knows that his fan base is so strong and influential that they may try to imitate him. Above that Allu Arjun himself is a non smoker and so he kept away from this commercial.

Not many actors hold this kind of social responsibility. He deserves some words of praise for this decision. Great going Bunny!


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