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Alia Bhatt's Gyan About Being Fit

Alia Bhatt's Gyan About Being Fit

Being fit is not just losing weight and looking skinny. Alia Bhatt makes it clear that staying active, eating nutritious food and sometimes crapping food is also essential to look fit.

It is true that adding a few extra kilos to the body doesn't make any woman to be branded as 'not fit and agile'. 

Alia Bhatt also asserts the same saying that criticising oneself for every bit of extra fat on the body, is not a right thing to do.

She asserts women not to make it a rule to look slender and tender all the while to be called beautiful. She is really making sense. 

Eating healthy food and not over caring about the body is necessary. Ultimately it is the happiness quotient that improves immunity and makes one look healthier and strong.


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