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Ali hopes he will get a chance in Pawan films!

Ali hopes he will get a chance in Pawan films!

Popular Tollywood comedian Muhammad Ali, better known as Ali, who has recently been appointed as the advisor to the government (electronic media affairs), might have been a hardcore supporter of YSR Congress party president and chief minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy.

But when it comes to films, it is an open secret that Ali is a strong admirer of power star Pawan Kalyan, despite the fact that the latter, as the president of Jana Sena Party, is a bitter critic of Jagan Mohan Reddy.

It is an open secret in the film industry that Pawan Kalyan and Ali had been close friends and they made it clear publicly several times. Irrespective of the storyline, Ali used to be an invariable part of all the films of Pawan Kalyan.

Even if there is no role for Ali, the directors who made films for Pawan Kalyan in the past used to create a character for the comedian only because of the friendship between the two.

But ever since Pawan Kalyan took a strong political line to attack Jagan Mohan Reddy for the last three years and Ali chose to join the YSRC, there has been a gap between the two actors.

It was evident from the way Ali was not picked up for Pawan Kalyan’s films – Vakeel Saab and Bheemla Naik.

However, in a recent interview for promotion of a film. Ali expressed hope that he would soon get a call from Pawan Kalyan for acting in his film. 

“Both the films – Vakeel Saab and Bhimla Naik are serious films and have no role for a comedian like me. There is no comedy track in these films. Not only me, no other comedian will fit into such films. That’s why, I was not picked up for these films,” Ali said.

The comedian said in the forthcoming films of Pawan Kalyan, if there is any scope for comedy roles, he was confident that the power star would definitely call him for acting in such films.

Asked why he was not inviting Pawan Kalyan to his talk show “Ali Tho Saradaga..” being aired by ETV television channel, Ali said the power star was right now busy with his films and politics.

“Whenever he is free, he will come to the show,” he said.

The comedian said Pawan Kalyan had promised him to attend the Ali Tho Saradaga show and expressed confidence that it would happen sooner or later.


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