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Actor Brahmaji Quits From Twitter

Actor Brahmaji Quits From Twitter

Noted character artiste Brahmaji deleted his Twitter account. It is known that the recent rains created havoc in Hyderabad city.

In that process, even Brahmaji’s apartment also got affected.  Sharing his thoughts behind the reason to quit Twitter he reportedly said like this – 

“By the time me and my son returned near home, there was a lot of water. The flow was very strong. We felt going by the car was not possible so I requested a nearby apartment people and parked my car there. Me and my wife decided to walk home from there. But since the flow was strong, few people came to us and helped us reach home.The basement was overflowing with water. That’s when I put a small joke on Twitter stating I am planning to buy a boat.”

However, his tweet was taken in a completely different way and some started abusing that he is a Telangana Drohi.  Some also said he should have drowned a little more. This was just a joke he cracked on himself. But vexed with the whole mess that was happening, Brahmaji finally decided to delete his account. 

For the record, Brahmaji is a pure Hyderabadi, born and brought up here.

He reportedly said “Whether I am in Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore I would have cracked a joke on myself like this only.”

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