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Young Actress Charging Rs. 5 Lakh For A Hot Date?

This young actress is dreaming of stardom in Telugu Cinema. She has started her journey with small roles such as playing heroine’s sister and friend.

She has done few small films as a heroine too. Supporting role in a memorable family entertainer earned her identity as an actress.

As of now she is still doing guest appearances and supporting characters, but that didn’t stop her from being popular.

She has so many admirers who want to spend an evening with her. As per gossip circles, fans are willing to spend five to six lakh rupees to spend few hours in her company.

She was apprehensive at the start but is now happy that she could make so much money just for giving company to her admirers.

A Date with the said actress is said to be the favorite past time for many in hi-fi circles. Word is spreading thick and fast as the actress is slowly mastering the art of giving some memorable moments to her ‘fans’.

Nothing wrong in using one's celeb status when people are ready to spend lakhs of rupees just to be with you right?



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