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Vangaveeti Producer Goes Into Hiding?

Where is producer Dasari Kiran Kumar? For the uninitiated, Dasari Kiran Kumar is the producer of the controversial Vangaveeti.

Ever since the film was released and ever since the controversy erupted over belittling Kapu community and it’s icon Vangaveeti Ranga, Kiran Kumar, a Kapu himself, has gone incommunicado.

His mobile is switched off and enquiries at his home reveal he isn’t there. Sources said Kapus are mightily upset over Kapu icon Ranga being shown in such poor light. They are peeved that the film was produced by a Kapu himself.

Already Ranga Radha Mitra Mandali activists have approached the Human Rights Commission on the issue.

But, those close to Dasari Kiran Kumar say that what was agreed upon and what finally was produced are as different as chalk and cheese.

Sources say, director Ram Gopal Varma did not show the final output to the producer and that Sunkara realized the bias only after the film hit the marqee.

So, he perhaps wants the dust raised by the Vangaveeti storm to subside and hence has gone incommunicado. But, Kapu anger seems to be snowballing further.



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