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This Gentleman Needs Settlements!

Hyderabad: There are certain gentlemen in film industry. Their level depends on the level of issues they settle. Some of them are closer to power centres and are politically influential.

Some settlements are made through mere recommendations and some others based on the percentage of profits they share.

Of late, a gentleman in industry is said to be openly asking his followers to bring any issues to his notice that need settlement.

This man has a powerful lobby in the industry and strong followers in all crafts. That is precisely why people go to him to resolve complicated issues. Normally, he settles those issues through negotiations.

However, in the recent past he is facing severe liquid cash crunch. Since he doesn’t have additional revenue sources and has certain problems in disposing of his assets he is running short of money.

At the same time his monthly maintenance expenditure is very heavy and he has to take care of the needs of his followers. That is why he wants to make money through settlements and is asking his followers to bring such issues to him.



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