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Suresh Babu Miffed With The Syndicate?

Suresh Babu Miffed With The Syndicate?

Well, Syndicate happened and shocked many associated with the industry. Now, the murky politics behind the forming and functioning of the Syndicate comprising 8 big producers of Tollywood are slowly emerging.

Till now, it was rumoured that Suresh Babu was brain behind the Syndicate. However, now comes the news that Suresh Babu is not involved with the activities and that some big producers who want other producers to tow their line had started the gossip.

Though Suresh Babu took it in his stride initially, he is now said to be miffed with his name being dragged into the story.

It is being said that following his instructions, Tammareddy Bharadwaja held a press conference in which he totally targeted the so-called big producers.

Also, since Dil Raju is playing the big head in the Syndicate, it is being said that slowly other producers have begun to express their discontent.

It is said that Dil Raju is the target of many people in the industry. Apparently, the selling of rights to another channel as opposed to the channels favoured by the Syndicate is also one such attempt it is said.

Though TV9 or NTV would have easily shelled out Rs 1.5 crores, but the rights were given to TV5 to prove a point to the Syndicate, it is said.

However, those in the Syndicate maintain that thanks to their decision, competition intensified among channels which resulted in profits for the producers.

Well, whatever happens to the Syndicate, those in the industry say that Dil Raju is likely to face some serious problems in the industry in the days to come.



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