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Studio Buzz: DJ Heroine Shocks All

Studio Buzz: DJ Heroine Shocks All

Now, if you are a local girl, then the weight you have is different. But if you are from up north, there is a different weightage given to a herione. But DJ heroine Pooja Hegde has shocked all.

She is just three films old and with that three films in Telugu, she has already shown that she is not your usual starlet.

Talk from industry is that she is now demanding Rs 1.5 crore for her films. In fact, that is the remuneration she will be getting for her film with Bellamkonda banner.

And to top it all, comes the latest news. Apparently, the Mohenjadaro actress has quoted Rs 10 lakhs to cut a ribbon for a leading store.

Usually, if it is ribbon cutting, an actress comes, cuts the ribbon and poses for some pictures and goes off. The whole episode lasts for barely 30 minutes max.

The usual charges for top heroines are around Rs 3 lakh and some take costly gifts. But since it is Pooja Hegde, she has quoted Rs 10 lakhs and apparently she refused to budge. Shocked, the said store promoters chose to leave the deal and find another heroine.

Well, heroines from north surely know how to make hay while it shines and they make no bones about being adamant about their price.



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