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Stay Away From Nithin, Nag's Order!

Buyers of Akhil movie are terribly disappointed with the movie's performance at the ticket window. They are seeing more than sixty to seventy percent loss in almost all the areas.

Overseas distributor is said have lost almost every penny invested in it. Naturally the buyers are putting pressure upon the producers to return their money.

Producers Nithin and his father Sudhakar Reddy have spent a bomb on Akhil’s launch. They ran into terrible losses with the movie that they would need years to recover from this debacle.

Nagarjuna who came to know about the buyers pressure upon Nithin and his family, called upon them to have a word. As per reliable sources Nagarjuna assured the buyers of Akhil to be compensated shortly.

Nag promised that he would do something to bail them out of these losses. He has ordered them to stay clear off Nithin and Sudhakar Reddy as they have lost so much money in launching Akhil.

‘Don’t disturb them anymore. I will make sure that you all could recover from the losses,” Nagarjuna said to the buyers as per sources.

This is a great gesture from Nagarjuna to stand by the producers that have launched his son in a grand way.



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