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Star Hero Non-Stop Abuses On Producer

Star Hero Non-Stop Abuses On Producer

He just couldn’t help himself, rather than closing his ears for 10 minutes when the person he was speaking on the phone was continuously abusing him verbally. This man was very much relieved only after the phone call was cut off.

As per inner sources, this incident took place just before the industry big stars meeting took place yesterday.

Going into details, industry bigwigs gathered at Annapurna Studios in Hyderabad yesterday so as to discuss various issues such as disparaging debates conducted on news channels against Tollywood.

Actually, megastar Chiranjeevi took the responsibility to invite few stars in the industry, wherein a star producer-cum-industry bigwig called few others.

It is heard that this producer called a star hero who’s arrogant in nature. When he informed the hero about the meeting, the hero is said to have started abusing the producer non-stop.

The producer can’t do anything other than simply listening to the abuses from the star hero. He was comforted only after the hero cut off the call.

Though he’s a popular producer and is enjoying a respectable position in industry, he can’t utter a single word against the star hero, since Tollywood is a hero-dominating industry!



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