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Srinu Vaitla Takes One Month Challenge

Srinu Vaitla changed the way entertainers are made in Telugu. Of course, there is no doubt about it. He has many hits to his credit. But one film pulled him down and today he has come a full circle where he will have to prove himself all over again.

Before Aagadu, Srinu Vaitla had Ram Charan’s film on hand. However, the film may or may not happen now.

The latest development on this front is that Srinu Vaitla has gone to meet Chiranjeevi. Apparently, the mega star assured him that if Vaitla comes up with a good story, the film can still happen.

Chiranjeevi is of the opinion that if they give the film to a director who is out to prove himself, he will do full justice to it.

Well, Srinu Vaitla is said to have told him that he will get back to them in a month’s time with an amazing script.

Well, let’s wait and watch how things will shape up.



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