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Reason For Naga Chaitanya-Kalyan Break Up

All of the Telugu movie followers must be knowing that noted producer C Kalyan started a movie with Naga Chaitanya in the direction of Srinivas Reddy, who earlier directed Damarukam with Nagarjuna.

But suddenly the project was called off one day before the shooting was supposed to start. Everyone in the film industry got shocked with the development and no one knew the actual reason for it.

Grapevine at film nagar says, Director Srinivas Reddy tried to play politics between Hero and Producer. It seems, Naga Chaitanya called C Kalyan one day before the shoot and complained to him that the producer's team is not giving enough lighting equipement and not cooperating the director.

Sensing that Hero and Director must have teamed up, C Kalyan bluntly rejected Naga Chaitanya's complaint and said that the project is already over budgeted for Hero's business range and can not tolerate these kind of complaints.

Then he immediately cancelled the shoot and informed Hero and Director that the project is cancelled and asked them to return the advance without any further discussions.

Unlike other money spinning producers, C Kalyan had the guts to cancel the 18 cr project over night and clearly sent a message to everyone in the industry that Producer should be the supreme force in any big budgeted project.



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