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Producer Goes on a Fun Trip with Anchor?

If the latest and hottest buzz in Tollywood is to be believed, a senior producer went for a fun trip recently.

Can you guess who escorted him in this trip? A sexy anchor-actress is said to have accompanied him all through this trip to Sri Lanka. 

What they did together in this island resort needs no elaboration.  Such fun trips are quite common in glamour industry but the surprising element is the producer.

He is in his 60's and has a son who is very popular as a star too. Nobody expects him that he would indulge in such masti.

Moreover this anchor and actress is also not known for such scandalous matters.  She is very popular as TV anchor though she has also been acting in movies regularly. 

Quite surprise that they went together for some private fun! As they say, in the movie industry anything can happen.



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