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Kalyan Ram's Ism To Be Reshot!

Puri Jagannadh who is known for completing the movie in record short time is now planning to reshoot some scenes of "Ism" featuring Kalyan Ram as Journalist in the movie.

Puri initially planned to release the movie on 29th September and later pushed the date to 7th October. Latest reports say the movie has now pushed to Deepavali festival. It is because producer and hero Kalyan Ram felt some scenes were not up to the mark.

The first trailer of "Ism" was well received and it attracted huge hits (more than one million views) on Youtube. Kalyan Ram underwent total makeover. The new look has also been appreciated.

Since the movie has generated good buzz, producer Kalyan Ram doesn't want to compromise on the quality of few scenes. So, he reportedly asked Puri Jagannadh on reshoot.



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