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Is Hello A Copy of a Hollywood Flick?

The theatrical trailer of Vikram Kumar’s Akhil starrer 'Hello' has shown glimpses of a truck carrying thousands of mobile phones.

All those mobile phones are stolen cell phones. Buzz is that the movie’s basic premise runs on this new point – mobile theft mafia.

While the point of ‘mobile theft mafia’ has not been explored, industry is abuzz that the rest of the drama is similar to an old Hollywood movie called “Cellular” starring Kim Basinger and Chris Evans that was released in 2005.

In “Cellular”, a young man receives an emergency phone call on his cell phone from an older woman who claims to have been kidnapped.

Similarly, in “Hello”, the hero gets a call from a girl saying she is kidnapped by a gang. How the hero finds her and frees her in a single day forms the story.

Vikram Kumar is a master storyteller who weaves stories with emotional touch. Probably he was inspired by the Hollywood movie’s plotline but we are sure he will bring forth his originality in totality.



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