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How Can They Like Those Paintings?

How Can They Like Those Paintings?

Heroines in our country have got lot of fans. Some people went ahead and constructed temples for their favorite heroines.

Famous painter MF Hussain gifted Madhuri Dixit with a painting in which her navel and back were the main attraction. Madhuri was spell bound with that painting and acted in a film 'Gajagamini'.

Same kind of thing happened in Tamil Nadu and a painter wanted to gift a picture to his favorite actress Samantha.

He was able to find her in Vadapalani area of Tamil Nadu, when the actress was shooting for her upcoming movie 'Anjaan'.

Samanatha was happy that her fan made a picture of her but her happiness didn't last long.

Samantha has threw that picture immediately after seeing it as the painter made a sketch of how the actress will look at the age of 50.

Well, heroines are always worried about their age and seeing these kind of pictures will definitely irritate them. 



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