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How Balayya Getting Away with Loony Act?

How Balayya Getting Away with Loony Act?

Nandamuri Balakrishna courts controversy everytime. Yet, he always manages to getaway due to his relationship with Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and also because he is prominent member of a powerful community that controls most of the mainstream Telugu media and political sphere in Telugu states.

He slapped fans on many occasions. He abused co-stars on the sets. He made sexist remarks on stage. There are some other allegations from some of his former actresses. Still no cases were slapped on him, no Telugu media made an issue out of it.

The star who exhibits loony behavior in public speeches once again walked away scot free even after making objectionable remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The other day, he criticized PM Modi in most unparliamentarily language. He used words like 'Kojja' and ‘Makki ki Choos’, which is a euphemism for a Hindi cuss word. Yet, no mainstream “Yellow” media wrote this. Police didn’t register a case against him.

This is not the first time that he went scot free after performing objectionable acts in public life. Remember, he is not only an actor he is also an elected representative. Still, no one dares to touch him.

A decade ago, Balakrishna indulged in shooting spree at his home. He allegedly shot at a producer Bellamkonda Suresh and his astrologer Satyanarayana.

Had then Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar Reddy not helped, he would still have been serving time in prison, say political analysts. His brother-in-law Chandrababu Naidu and other family members requested YS Rajasekhar Reddy to close the case.

It is believed that a doctor at NIIMS submitted a report in the court that Balayya’s mental health is not stable. The doctor also agreed this in a TV program. A few months later, a security guard was found dead in his residence in Jubilee Hills.

Last year he said his fans expect him to either kiss or impregnate the heroines. This earned him lot of flak but no case was filed against him even after women organizations took up the battle.

On several occasions, he slapped his fans hardly. Director Puri Jagannadh even glorified the actor’s rude behavior saying his fans feel proud when Balayya slaps them.

He is the only star in Tollywood who manages to get away with his irresponsible and offensive speeches.



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