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Hot Gossip: Reel To Real Love Story

For the past few days, one story is being played day in and day out in the cinema section of channels. Well, it is about a hero and heroine who are not in the top league, but have had their share of success. 

The heroine who looks good with make-up on (but looks the opposite without make-up), is said to be in love. Apparently, she even confessed her love to her beau in question.

Goes without saying, it is a hot topic in Tollywood as the chubby hero and heroine have acted in a film some time back. Now, they have another film lined up for release. It is during an overseas shoot that the lady is said to have proposed to him.

While the heroine said 'I love you' to the hero and continues to send cute messages and emojis to the said hero, we don't know if the hero has responded to her and if he did, how. In fact, the rest of story is suspense.

On the other hand, hero is in his 30s and his family is hunting for a girl for him. Some politicians are trying to make him his son-in-law as he has a political background. Given this scenario, it will be surprising if the hero says 'yes' to the heroine.

Let's wait and watch!



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