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Growing Further Apart?

When Pawan Kalyan's career was at an all-time high, Chiranjeevi was having a bad run at the box-office and vice-versa.

Now, with the return of Chiru, for once, the name of Pawan Kalyan has taken a backstage and it is Chiru's name only on the lips of all mega fans.

And highly enthused by the success of Khaidi No 150 is Allu Aravind who took care of the event in Guntur and made it a huge success.

Some say that Pawan did not turn up for the event because of Aravind's presence there. But truth be told, Khaidi could not have attained the scale of its victory without a person such as Aravind behind it.

Although Ram Charan was the producer, it was Aravind who convened a press meet and shared the revenue reports of the movie with the public.

Even Ram Charan who was said to be disappointed with Pawan Kalyan not turning up for the pre-release event is impressed by the ability of Aravind.

Khaidi No 150 has brought  the mega family barring Pawan Kalyan, together. And ironically, the success of Khaidi may further alienate Pawan from the mega-family as Chiranjeevi fans have proved that they love Chiru for his sake and not because he is the brother of Pawan Kalyan.



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