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Greedy Heroine Getting No Big Offers

She is popular for her glam show and for great dance skills. Last year, she was on the headlines all over India as her popularity suddenly rose to the sky level.

But this year, she has not had much success other than one hit in the beginning of the year. Now she is finding hard to get chances.

All this is due to her greedy attitude say the producers openly. She has already won the bad name that she demands too much when she signs a movie.

Earlier she used to be friendly with all the makers but now she has started throwing tantrums, has increased her staff putting their salary to the producer's account.

Moreover, she has also started putting all bills of her daily lives to the producer of movie that she is acting at that time.

Vexed with her attitude, several of her former friendly filmmakers are not approaching. Even her male co-stars are not showing much interest to work with her. Hence the beauty is trying hard for self-promotion now to get chances.



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