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Exclusive: What Made Sai Do Thikaa?

After watching Thikka, everybody felt why Sai Dharam Teja, who has been very cautious in selecting stories for his films, has decided to do this film.

According to inside sources, there is a reason behind this. In the early days of doing his first film Rey, Sai Dharam Teja was in some financial troubles. Though he had okayed his second film with Dil Raju, he did not get any money in advance. There was no monetary support even from his uncles in the mega family.

It was at this stage that the hero got the offer from Thikka makers. Since they were ready to give him some money in advance, Sai readily accepted the offer without even listening to the storyline properly.

When he actually heard the story, he was a bit disappointed, but he thought even if the film flops, it wouldn’t affect his career, as one flop after two or three average films won’t make a difference. So, he finished Thikka.

Meanwhile, producer Rohini Reddy is now wondering why he had made the film by spending over Rs 18 crore. He is in deep soup as the film bombed at the box office. He is blaming it on the director who has guaranteed him good returns for the film.



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