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Everyone's A Stakeholder In This Movie

Everyone's A Stakeholder In This Movie

Telugu film industry is going through a strange phase. On one side, there are no consistent hits, big heroes are having trouble to go beyond the Rs 50 crore mark and the industry is facing financial and talent crisis. 

Given this scenario, the artistes and technicians are learning ways to survive within the volatile industry. 

Many of them are putting their money into film-making, distribution and other pre and post production activities.

When it comes to director Puri Jagannadh, he has always tried to be a shrewd businessman. And it appears as if he has been teaching a trick or two to his close aides and friends in the industry. 

Apparently, both Puri and Charmme will not be taking any remuneration for Jyothilakshmi. No, they are not doing the film for free either. 

Instead, they will be taking their share once the film releases. It is being said that the producer of the film C Kalyan is also pretty happy with this arrangement. 

Well, for him, it cuts down on the money he will have to pump in prior to release, so he is only too happy with this arrangement.

As for Charmme, this is any day a better deal as her remuneration will not be beyond Rs 25 to Rs 30 lakhs. 

So, even if she gets 10 per cent to 20 per cent share, it will work out to be a better deal for her. 

Also, she can rest assured that Puri will do anything to make sure that the film is hyped enough to draw audiences to the theatres.



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