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Director and Heroine Happily Living Together!

They are no longer hiding their relationship, not even to the director's wife. Much has been written about this star director and this bubbly charming beauty.

Last year, it was reported that the director has cut off relationship with her after his wife threatened to file divorce. But it seems they are back together and continuing their relationship despite his wife's warnings.

Two years ago, they began their love affair. Soon, she moved into his office and started calling the shots. Industry started treating them as couple and the director's wife barged into office and threw the heroine out.

Few months later, the director himself leaked the news to the media that the heroine is no longer with him and he is handling all his business matters on his own. Their 'separation' act made people to believe that they have stopped maintaining love affair between them.

But reliable source says, they are still living together but not in same house. He is spending with her in a separate flat to keep his relationship with her private. Now the wife too seems to have not taking it seriously, as he has not left her or 'home'. 



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