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Danayya Worried About Mahesh's Budget?

Danayya Worried About Mahesh's Budget?

Post Demonetization, it has become very hard for producers to bring in huge money from financiers. Now all money should be accounted. So there is talk going on in movie industry that the budget of Mahesh Babu and Koratala Siva might be slashed. 

But given the costs involved, it may not be possible for the producer to slash the budget. How the movie’s budget is planned?

The total cost of the movie is pegged at Rs 90 Cr. Of this, Rs 40 Cr alone goes to Mahesh Babu and director Koratala Siva as the remuneration. Producer Danayya already gave huge advance amounts to both of them. Another Rs15 Cr would go to other actors and technicians as top line technicians like Ravi K Chandran are working for the movie. 

If the movie ought to be lavish, the producer should spend Rs 35 to 40 Cr on the production. So how would Danayya slash the budget now?

Danayya hopes that the movie would have no issue in bringing in finances from corporate-style financiers whose transactions are totally accounted.

As it is the hottest project in Tollywood, he is confident that the cost of the budget may not be issue though he is now facing the heat. 

Regular shoot of the film is planned from February 2016. By then this cash crunch may go off  and things may become normal is what  the movie industry is expecting.



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