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Character Actor Doing Flesh-Trade With Daughters!

We have been reading about certain parents forcing their own daughters into prostitution to make quick money. In most cases, such parents are forced to do such heinous acts due to poverty.

However, in some cases, it is not the poverty but greed for money that is compelling parents to force their daughters to take to prostitution.

A popular character artiste of the south India comes into this second category of parents. He has a lot of recognition in the film industry with his wide range of characters in Tamil, Kannada and Telugu films. He has three daughters who also closely related to film industry.

A star hero had an eye on these daughters. Superficially, he is known in the industry as a gentleman with a lot of human values. And there is a huge gap in the age of this hero and the girls. But lust for these girls has made him blind to all moral values in the society.

The said character actor has come to know about the “interest” of this hero in his daughters. And he has no mercy towards the girls and he did not hesitate to send them to the hero to fulfil his desires. Unfortunately, he has no regrets for forcing his daughters into flesh trade to make a quick buck.

When asked, he would become philosophical saying these were all common in life. And the girls had no option but to succumb to their father’s pressures, since they too want to make their own career in the film industry!



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