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Can This Flop Hero Bounce Back?

At one point of time Tamil hero Vishal used to be very hot in Tollywood trade too. However a series of flops affected the Pandem Kodi hero’s market. Despite releasing most of his Tamil films in Telugu, Vishal is unable to get back on track. 

Films like Pooja did okay, but couldn’t make an impact like Pandem Kodi. Vishal is coming up with Rayudu tomorrow. This is a dubbed version of Vishal’s recent Tamil release Marudhu, which has been doing well at the Tamil box office ever since it has hit the marquee. 

It is an out and out mass masala film directed by Muthaiah. Sri Divya played the female lead. With Brahmotsavam turning out to be a huge flop and no notable Telugu releases in this weekend, Rayudu has a clear advantage. 

However Vishal has to strike a chord with the masses as Rayudu. This is a great opportunity for him to bounce back and win back his lost market in Tollywood. 



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