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Brahmanandam Gets A Shock From Balakrishna

Brahmanandam Gets A Shock From Balakrishna

There was a time when filmmakers used to write a special character for Brahmanandam for the sake of extra mileage at the box office.

Brahmanandam has single handedly pulled off a few blockbusters with his impeccable comedy timing and expressions.

But of late Brahmanandam has lost his star image as his comedy has become repetitive. Even directors like Trivikram and Srinu Vytla are not insisting upon having Brahmi in their films.

In those days it was a huge surprise to not to have Brahmanandam in big ticket films. But now people are surprised to see Brahmanandam in the star cast.

While Brahmi is desperately looking to bounce back here comes another shock for him from the makers of Jai Simha.

The scenes of Brahmanandam are reportedly chopped off from Balakrishna’s upcoming Sankranthi attraction due to length issues.

Brahmanandam did a lengthy track for Jai Simha, but he will be seen in a miniscule role in the final cut.

Although Brahmi gets full payment for what he has done, it is a shock for the star comedian to see his role chopped off from a big film. 



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