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Big Stars Meeting: Balakrishna Isolates Himself?

Big Stars Meeting: Balakrishna Isolates Himself?

Except for Balakrishna, almost all the heroes in Tollywood attended yesterday’s meeting. Why did Balakrishna alone skip the meeting?

It can’t be seen as kamma-kapu community divide as reported in some media, because many heroes from different communities attended the meeting.

Seems like, Balakrishna has his own reasons for avoiding the meeting.

First of all, the meeting was conducted with a proposal of imposing ban on few TV channels which completely support the ruling party, TDP.

Had Balakrishna attended the meeting, it would send a message that he’s extending solidarity to Pawan Kalyan who spoke unfavorably about him recently.

Balakrishna does not have good association with megastar Chiranjeevi who took the initiative to arrange the meeting.

As we all know, all is not well between Balakrishna and Nagarjuna who have been avoiding each other these days. If any of these attend any function, the other skips it.

Above all, Jr NTR was also invited for the meeting and the young tiger didn’t miss the opportunity to strengthen his bond with others in the industry.

Balakrishna is not on talking terms with NTR. In fact, he refused to send an invitation for NTR biopic launch that was attended by many in the industry.

Though Balakrishna has his own reasons for staying away from the meeting, he isolated himself from Telugu film industry, while most stars from different communities graced it!



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