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Another Headache For the Makers of Agnyaathavaasi!

As if the disastrous box office outcome isn’t enough, the makers of Agnyaathavaasi are looking at legal trouble because of the plagiarism issues.

It is a known fact that Trivikram has lifted the plot and a few scenes of Agnyathavasi from a French action thriller titled Largo Winch.

The director of the original film Jérôme Salle is very much disappointed to see his creation being stolen by an Indian filmmaker.

Although the makers of Agnyathavasi had a settlement with T-Series that owns the remake rights of Largo Winch, the French director is not satisfied with it.

He didn’t get into the details but simply stated that settling with T-series isn’t enough. He has been posting tweets directing to the makers of Agnyathavasi ever since it was out.

He made sure to watch the film before taking any action. As he didn’t get any response from the makers of Agnyathavasi as yet, he is threatening to take legal action against them.

“Indian cinema has all the necessary talent and creativity for not having to plagiarize. And the silence from #Agnathavaasi team since one week is deafening. So let’s take action now. #LegalNotice” Jérôme Salle tweeted.

We have to wait and see whether the producer of Agnathavasi pays any heed to this warning. 



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