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Why Pawan Kalyan Is The Best Among Film Stars?

Why Pawan Kalyan Is The Best Among Film Stars?

There are more than a dozen star heroes in Tollywood. But it can  be clearly said that Pawan Kalyan is the best among all of them. He can be called producers' star and the one who truly believes in his star power. 

Considering the project "Vakeel Saab", Pawan Kalyan didn't demand anything from Dil Raju with regard to the star cast and technicians. 

Dil Raju took his call and took not so popular actors for the film. It can be understood how the judge character that comes in combination with Pawan Kalyan and Prakash Raj can be an unknown face.

The sidekick of Pawan Kalyan who gives him liquor and cools down is also an unknown actor. All the three girls are not big stars. 

The situation would not be the same if it is the case with any other star hero. Same is the case with directors. Venu Sriram is in sync with Dil Raju and indeed not in any stature to demand things. Had it been Trivikram, the production cost would have shot up to another Rs 20 Cr. 

So with the nature and decision of Pawan Kalyan, producer Dil Raju could see some good profit on this project despite pandemic troubles.

The only problem with Pawan Kalyan is the unpredictability. No one knows when he will cancel the shoots depending on his mood and political assignments.

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