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Why is Pawan shy of returning to films?

Why is Pawan shy of returning to films?

Actor-turned-politician and Jana Sena Party chief Pawan Kalyan made it several times that he would not act in films again and has even appealed to the media not to call him ‘power star’ anymore.

Since he has nothing much to do in politics either, Pawan has decided to stage a comeback into the film industry.

But somehow, he appears to be either afraid or feeling shy of disclosing his plans to return to films, though there is nothing wrong in his decision.

It is an open secret that Pawan had agreed to act in the film, which is a remake of Bollywood film “Pink.” There were reports that he had already taken some money as an advance from producer Dil Raju for this film. 

For some strange reason, Pawan has apparently requested the film makers to keep the news in wraps. But if not now, it will be revealed to the people tomorrow, when the film goes on to the sets.

So, it would be respectable for Pawan to disclose the news about his return to films on his own, instead of allowing the news to be leaked through some other source in the industry.

Otherwise, it would send a wrong signal to the people as if he was doing a big blunder in deciding to act in films again. 

At least his fans would understand that Pawan had dropped the idea of acting in films in the past because he thought he would be busy with politics; and since he is relatively idle, he was returning to films.

At the same time, Pawan’s silence will also raise doubts over his integrity; because, he wants to do the film with Dil Raju secretly while keeping other producers like Mythri Movie Makers and A M Ratnam in waiting though they had been waiting for a long time for his consent despite paying him huge amounts as advance.



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