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Who Is That Talented Ghost Writer?

Who Is That Talented Ghost Writer?

A big director is making a periodic film with a top star. He is  a permanent writer. But that writer is a big weak in developing the comedy track.

Under these circumstances the director called for a comedy writer and sought his help. The writer okayed to work his bit. 

But the twist is, the comedy writer was told that he wouldn't be given any credit other than a  paycheck for the work.

The writer negated that proposal and clearly said that he cannot do ghost writing for a few peanuts after holding years of experience as a solo card writer. 

It's a big hero's film. Any writer would like to see his name in the titles as that would also help his career. So, the comedy writer clearly said no to such sacrifice and walked out from the project in the beginning itself. 

Now the director is seriously in search of a talented comedy writer who can work for him only for money but not credit. Who can be that lucky (unlucky) guy?

We have to wait and see.

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