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What's The Fallout Of SGS Disaster?

What's The Fallout Of SGS Disaster?

Nobody is above hits and flops in the film industry. And it is very common for heroes to get euphoric if their films become hits and depressed when they turn out to be big flops. 

It is natural that careers of film starts undergo a lot of such ups and downs and no hero, however big he is, is an exception to this phenomenon.

Going by this natural phenomenon, what is going to be the fallout of the disastrous show of Sardar Gabbar Singh on the career of Pavan Kalyan? What is going to be the fate of buyers who made record investments on this film? What will be its impact on the next film of Pavan Kalyan? 

These questions have become an interesting topic of debate in the film circles.

It may be mentioned that buyers of Telugu film “Loafer,” who could not bear the brunt of heavy losses, resorted to attack on director Puri Jagannath. 

So, one can understand the agony of buyers of “Sardar” which has sunk with an investment of over Rs 95 crore. 

So far, there is no discussion as to whether Pavan would be able to provide any solace to the distributors. Till now, none of the distributors has taken to streets against Pavan.

At present, it has been more or less confirmed that Tamil director S J Surya is making the next film of Pavan. But he is going through a lean patch. 

The last film he had made with Pavan was “Puli” and it was a big disaster. Later, Surya made a few films in Tamil, but he was not able to regain his form. 

Under these circumstances, Pavan is daring to produce his next film with the failure of Sardar haunting him from one side and out-of-form director on the other. 

His fans might appreciate his daring venture, but trade analysts are sceptical about the commercial success of his next film. 

However, Pavan might hit the success track once again, if he pushes back the disastrous show of Sardar by the time his next film gets ready for release!

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