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Vishal T Shirts Say He Is Eyeing Politics

Vishal T Shirts Say He Is Eyeing Politics

Film stars have plunged headlong into the relief and rehabilitation works in flood-ravaged Chennai. They initially donated money and material and have now come forward to physically work among the flood-hit people. 

Many stars are wading knee deep water to reach out to the victims From Karthi, Dhanush, Siddharth to Illayaraja and Khusbu have toured the affected areas and did whatever they could.

Hero Vishal, who recently played a key part in the Nadigar Sangham elections, too did the same. 

But, he has become the talk of the town as he has distributed T shirts with his photo among the victims. The volunteers who worked with him, gave those T shirts to the flood hit people.

It is now clear that Vishal has political ambitions. He wants to make his mark in Tamil politics and is seeking publicity for his work.

In fact, even during the Nadigar Sangham elections, where as the key member of Nazar’s panel, he played an active role and defeated Sarat Kumar panel. 

It was then rumoured that Vishal has political aspirations and would join the political bandwagon in due course of time. 

The T Shirts with his image have lent strength to these rumours. Is this actor from Telugu background doing all these with an eye on future in Tamil politics. Watch this space for further development on this front.